What is Rishidot?

Rishidot Research LLC is a next-gen analyst firm focussed on helping enterprises understand and decipher the fast changing computing landscape leading to a more services world with the convergence of cloud computing, social, mobile and big data. Organizations need a different mindset to compete in this new era. Rishidot is here to help. Learn more

Why Rishidot?

Conventional analyst firms are pretty slow in understanding the current rapid shift in technology and their conservative approach is not helping organizations compete in this modern era. Their proprietary old fashioned approach to industry research is turning out to be a drag on many organizations. In order to meet the needs of the modern computing era, Rishidot Research has taken a more open approach offering enterprises a more cost effective access to research which will help them take advantage of technological advances while also completely protecting their larger interests. Learn More

Research Areas

Our analysts are focussed on the following research areas:

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud Platforms
  • Enterprise Software
  • Big Data
  • Social Computing

Along with our in-depth focus on the above areas, we also focus on the big picture where these seemingly disparate technologies converge. Learn More.


Rishidot Research offers the following services tailor made for both enterprise buyers and vendors:

  • Research Reports/Insights
  • Vendor Insights
  • Newsletters
  • Blog Posts
  • Advisory Services
Blog posts and Newsletters are offered free of charge whereas others are available on a subscription basis or as paid reports. For more info, click here.