About Us

What is Rishidot?

In ancient Indian mythology, the Rishis were the embodiment of all-encompassing knowledge with the ability to foresee and predict the future. Named after the mythical Rishis, Rishidot Research LLC is an analyst firm dedicated to deep understanding of technology and the ability to foresee trends.

Unlike ever before, technological evolution is occurring at an exponential rate. In order to maintain their competitive edge, organizations need to both keep up with emerging technologies and align the technologies with their business objectives. Rishidot Research caters to release modern day enterprises from this “rock and hard place situation” by offering expert analysis on cutting edge technologies. Our focus is on helping enterprises decipher and adapt to the fast changing technological landscape leading to the great computing convergence of cloud computing, social, mobile and big data.

Why Rishidot?

Modern enterprises are faced with a choice of choosing conventional analyst firms who cannot help them keep up with fast moving technology landscape or new age analyst firms who are not fully equipped to meet their needs.

Conventional analyst firms are pretty slow in understanding the current rapid shift in technology and their conservative approach is not helping organizations compete in this modern era. In the previous decades when the technological evolution was linear, enterprises could stay competitive even with such a conservative approach. However, it is not helping them at a time when technological evolution is exponential than linear. Also, the proprietary old fashioned approach to industry research by legacy research firms are turning out to be a drag on many organizations. In order to meet the needs of the modern computing era, Rishidot Research has taken a more open approach offering enterprises cost effective access to world class research, helping them take advantage of the rapid changes in technology while also completely protecting their larger interests.

On the other hand, most of the new age research firms are firmly focussed on the business impacts of the newer technology without a deeper understanding of the underlying technology. This has lead to a mismatch between the business objectives of modern day organizations and the technology tools they embrace, leading to large scale IT failures and financial loss. Rishidot analysts’s deeper technical expertise allows them to help organizations embrace the right set of tools minimizing any mismatch and subsequent IT failures. The advent of blogs and social media has lead to large scale proliferation of “new age analysts” who do not have the same ethical standards that were hallmark of the analyst industry in the past. Rishidot Research will put transparency at the center of all their efforts, by proactively using the industry standard best practices in disclosures.

Our research services are targeted at both business executives and technical managers. One of the pain points felt by the industry is the jargon laden talk used by most of the analysts in the market. Rishidot Research puts strong emphasis on simplicity in our language because it is our core belief that simplicity is the result of a deeper understanding of the subject.

Another pain point felt by the industry is the barrier to accessing quality research for startups and other smaller companies. Rishidot Research takes a tiered approach to our pricing that will help even startups have access to the same research materials available to larger organizations. After an initial shelf life, we will make our premium reports available for free as we strongly believe that access to information should not be limited by the cost factor.

Rishidot Social Responsibility

It is our strong belief that every business should be socially responsible. As a part of our belief, we have decided to spend part of our company profits on social causes such as poverty alleviation, health care, environment, etc.. We will be spending a certain percentage of our profits on organizations working to alleviate poverty and other related causes. In the first year, we will be spending this money on the following two organizations:

  1. Kiva
  2. Akshaya Trust

In 2012, we donated a portion of the ticket sales from the Deploycon Conference to Infectious Diseases Research Institute. We will be adding more organizations as we grow in the coming years.

We will do our part in helping slow down climate change. As a part of this initiative, we will try to cut down on travel and use online tools in lieu of face to face meetings. In cases where travel is inevitable, we will buy carbon offset credits in most situations.

Rishidot Advantage

The Rishidot Advantage can be summed up in three words:

  • Simplicity
  • Transparency
  • Affordability

If you are convinced about our values, we suggest that you check out our services and select the right one that fits your needs.