Briefing Notes: Cloudsoft AMP

This is a briefing note prepared by me on Cloudsoft AMP, a DevOps platform services player offering autonomic management of applications.


Cloudsoft AMP is an enterprise application management platform that helps automate the process based on business and performance needs. Deploying an application on any cloud or PaaS is just one part of the application lifecycle management. There are many other aspects of the lifecycle that are equally important. For example, management, monitoring, governance, portability, etc. play a critical role in enterprise IT. Cloudsoft AMP adds a layer of abstraction to platforms/platform services making autonomic management of applications much easier in enterprise IT environments.

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Disclosure: Cloudsoft Corporation is a client and sponsor of Deploycon
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  1. Chris Haddad says:

    Excellent article Krishnan. A point of clarification, WSO2 offers both a hybrid/private PaaS with infrastructure abstraction (i.e. WSO2 Stratos) and a DevOps model PaaS (i.e. WSO2 AppFactory)

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